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The Ajax Law Group was started in 2017 with the specific purpose of providing legal services tailored to the needs of closely-held and middle-market companies. We were built on a culture of entrepreneurship, and we take pride in helping ambitious companies take their businesses to the next level.

Naming the firm after “Ajax” was not a random choice. Ajax was a Greek hero from Homer’s Illiad and was considered to be the greatest Greek warrior after Achilles. Ajax was smart, loyal, regal, and brave.

The Ajax Law Group keeps true to its namesake by striving to be:

Smart, in that every issue presented before the Firm is be analyzed thoroughly so that each client is presented with solutions which are tailored to fit their specific needs.

Loyal, in that the Ajax Group believes that the Client’s business is about much more than money, it is about the client's  life.  Because of this, the Ajax Group values every client matter with the highest degree of importance.

Regal, through that quality which seems to be fading away, professionalism. “Professionalism” isn’t just a word to be tossed around; it is a code of conduct and a philosophy which is paramount to the ethos of The Ajax Group.

Brave, in that The Ajax Group will not approach a client’s issue with only the well-worn (legal) path in mind. Bravery in the law means creativity, which means providing clients with innovative legal solutions.

If you want a legal advisor and partner with these qualities working to help your business, please contact The Ajax Group today for a free consultation.





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